Are you looking for FREE DATA FEEDS that you can implement in your website with ease? WidgetLab.net created a directory of data widgets that can be accessed and implemented into any web page, delivering updated data, stats and content – all for improving user experience on your website and also help with your SEO efforts.

Data Widgets available here come as simple code snippets that can be copied and implemented into different platforms, from .html and .php file to systems like WordPress and Joomla.

ONE TIME IMPLEMENTATION into your webpage and the widget will always deliver updated data like live scores, sports stats, lottery draws, betting odds among other – all free and with minimum work from your end – implement it once and we will take care of the rest.

Select a widget category to check available options and data that can be implemented:

Soccer widgetsSportsTop Scorers, Standings, Results, Squad, Team Stats, Probabilities
🎾Tennis widgetsSportsTournament Results, Player Results, Rankings, Probabilities
🏀Basketball widgetsSportsRankings
Baseball widgetsSportsRankings
🏒Ice Hockey widgetsSportsRankings
🤾Handball widgetsSportsRankings
🏇Horse Racing widgetsSportsRace Form, Race Results
🎱Lottery widgetsGamblingLotto Results, Regional Results
👉Betting Odds widgetsGamblingBetting Odds, Odds Comparison
🎲Casino widgetsGamblingCasino Jackpots, Free Spins, Bonuses
🚚Fuel Price widgetsLogisticsFuel Price Comparison by country

WidgetLab Advantages

Enhanced Experience

the data delivered by our widgets improve overall user experience on your website by always offering up-to date info

Improved SEO

widgets listed here integrate seamlessly in your website and the info delivered is seen as part of your own webpage

Dynamic Content

using these widgets, your website gets updated dinamycaly with fresh content all the time, no work from you


our widgets are compatible with various web platforms, from .html to scripts like WordPress and more

Easy to Implement

implementing our widget codes in your website is easy, with a detailed guide provided for beginner webmasters


widgets have different levels of customization in terms of filters, coloring and integration with your website CSS

Why are these widgets better?

First of all, these widgets are free! Getting similar sort of data variety from other places is limited, will cost money for access and will require complex web development work.

Secondly, these widgets were created in such a manner that can be customized to fit your design using your own local CSS file. Further more, these widgets not only enhance user experience on your website by always showing them latest scores and sports stats, but also will improve your SEO as search engines will see the content as originating from your own website. Therefore widget content is indexed as part of your overall page and will rank you for that content as well.